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Affordable DIY HD CCTV kits


Picture this, it’s pitch dark outside, you are awoken by your triggered alarm system, you have no idea why it’s going off, you start to panic thinking the worst…


Why have the unnecessary stress of not knowing what is going on around your home?


I have three questions for you:


Have you been a victim of crime? 

Do you want continuous recording of areas around your home? 

Do you want a better sense of security?


If you answered yes to these questions, then why not invest in a high quality HD CCTV kit that you can install yourself?  


These kits are DIY, they include everything you need to setup a surveillance system in your home. Cut out the expensive labor costs and install the cameras yourself. The kits come with the DVR (digital video recorder), the weatherproof HD cameras, the power supply for the cameras, a surveillance hard drive, the ready made CCTV cable which is plug and play and a DIY step by step installation guide.


Take a look at our product page, if you require something more to fit your needs then pop us an email and we will gladly assist you.

We offer reliable, affordable, high quality CCTV systems. We trust the Hikvision brand, as they are the world’s number one CCTV brand.

These products offer exceptional quality, they are easy to use and have product features such as the Hikconnect platform for Android and iOS that allows you to exclusively view your CCTV system remotely. (this require an active internet connection to the DVR via ethernet)

Purchase your very own DIY HD CCTV today and receive free courier delivery!